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“Can virtual experience affect real-world behavior and habits?”

“Can virtual experience affect real-world behavior and habits?”

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One of the EU projects conducted at CEEE is TRIBE. It is a collaborative project financed by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (H2020). The 3-year project, which will be completed in 2018 is undertaken by 7 participants from Spain, Turkey, Austria, France, and Sweden in 5 pilot buildings. The Centre for Research for Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE) at the University of Zaragoza is the project coordinator of TRIBE. The main goal of the project is to contribute to a change in EU citizens’ behavior towards energy efficiency in public buildings.

TRIBE project will allow the development of a mobile game designed to promote a behavioral change towards energy efficiency in public buildings. The game will be used in the Faculty of Engineering building at Özyeğin University starting by the end of 2017. Building users will be offered around 250 options for higher energy efficiency, from replacing the door seals of fridges to posting warning signs. The real impact of each action is calculated through simulations, and integrated into the scoring mechanism. Each player will have an avatar to make decisions. Findings to be derived from the game are expected to reveal how virtual experience indirectly contributes to energy efficiency in the building.

Project Link: http://tribe-h2020.eu/

Energy efficiency video game

An attractive game able to engage public buildings users (regular and eventual), in a global behavioural change towards energy efficiency. The mission of the players will be to achieve low energy consumptions by applying energy efficiency measures in public buildings.

Tribe pack public authorities

For public buildings owners and operators allowing them to:

  • implement the project solutions at their buildings, addressing their particular challenges
  • increase their expertise and improve their behaviours, having proven information about the cost-effectiveness of the energy efficiency measures, as well as funding schemes adapted to their necessities

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